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Socks have come a long way since the days of black, white, and gray. Bright colors and funky designs are everywhere now, and it’s clear that people love novelty socks. However, new sock brands and products have come at a higher price point than many consumers can justify. The ideal product is one that hits all the categories: a fun, nicely designed and packaged product that gives you good value for what you pay.

Enter: Our gift boxes.

Gift boxes have been a staple for our sales these past years. For a reasonable price, anyone can get an intricately designed box filled with more than a dozen socks. This particular box is our licensed The Little Prince gift box. It comes with a dozen socks, each detailing a scene in the book, and a story book that shows you all of the Little Prince socks available.

All of our boxes come with a theme, or are targeted for a specific demographic. They’re affordable, high-quality, and unique. It’s no wonder we can’t ever seem to keep them in stock!

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